Sacred, Ritual, Ancient

Just having returned from an art retreat in the high desert of New Mexico (“Call of the Wild Soul” – Ghost Ranch), I’ve been thinking a lot about ritual, what is sacred and the impermanence of life.  I really felt a part of the land and a part of something ancient and  connected to the symbols we use to communicate.

Symbols through hieroglyphics, our own cultural symbols, most recognized as $. I remembered a necklace my step-mother bought on our trip to Ireland a few years ago that signified friendship in an ancient Irish language.  We bought it hastily during last minute shopping.  I retrieved it from my top drawer the other day and am intrigued by its use and history.  It was in a box with a label Ogham.

Ogham is an ancient Irish alphabet, dating back to the 3rd or 4th century A.D. It was used on stone as markers for land ownership and memorializing the dead.




In my own art, I am drawn to lines, marks and scratches so this alphabet intrigues me.  Expect to see Ogham in future pieces!



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