The art of the internet – curated, trolling recommendations


I spend A LOT (okay, too much) time on the internet to feed my endless, creative hunger.  It is the best way I know, besides in person, to find what captures my attention and imagination, and “meet” other creatives from all over the world.  What a fabulous world we live in that we can stumble across an inspiring artist that we might not otherwise ever have known.

So, following are some of my current favorites online, in no particular order, many their own curations.  Check them out and be inspired.  Have any of your own favorites? Please share in the comments below.

Artists & Studios

Orly Avineri – …the real deal.  I attended her workshop in New Mexico last year and am forever enamored.
Jane Davies Studios –  (search for her on YouTube for demonstrations, she also offers lots of workshops in the U.S.)
Flora Bowley – Bloom True: one of the first online classes I ever took!
Erin Faith Allen – major feels for this deep, real, raw artist with amazing workshops both online and in person
Deborah Velasquez – a dear friend and tremendous talent
Doing the Work of Your Life – I’m going to this workshop in August!
Aimone Art Services – Going in August!
Nancy Hill Studios
Judith Kruger – huge talent and amazing coach
Jessica Torrant – my cousin and an amazing artist
Chris Cozen
Suzan Scott
Sue Berg – this.woman.

Curated Facebook Feeds

Robyn Gordon – just follow, don’t hesitate! a fabulous curated Facebook feed
Abstract Art Sonoma – curated Facebook art page
EMe Muskan ouvre les cahiers – high quality Facebook art curated feed
Painters talking Painting – fantastic interviews and artist profiles

My own curations and feeds….

Follow my Pinterest Art Board
Follow my Pinterest Collage Board
JuJu Art Studios on Instagram
JuJu Art Studios on Facebook

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