Collage @ JuJu Art Salon

What does the idea of collage conjure up for you?  For me, it rekindles the feelings of being ten years old, cutting and pasting and moving shapes around on paper. Remember those sticky plastic figures and shapes?


I always have a collage practice going on the side, in-between other projects.  I find it is a way to open up in ways that brushes and paint alone cannot.  Shapes, line, form and composition.


This Saturday, March 11th, 1-3pm, the first JuJu Art Salon session takes place at my studio in Whiting Mills.  The theme is collage –  an informal discussion and time for exploration. You don’t have to bring anything but if you feel inclined….  bring some materials, samples of your work, ideas, questions.  This is a time to share, discuss and maybe collaborate. Think about collage artists that inspire you.  This is not a formal workshop or training.  $20 suggested donation.  Studio #509, Whiting Mills, Winsted, CT.

No need to RSVP but if you know you are coming, please send me an email at