The magic in taking risks

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Overthinking often stops me from doing things. It is easy to talk myself out of activities where the outcome is uncertain. But time has changed me. Maybe it is the pandemic. Maybe it is a reminder that so little is guaranteed. I just know that I’m more inclined to try new things and let it unfold as it will.

My decision to pair a January GOLDEN paints 31 day challenge with a fundraiser was a last minute idea. At the same time the challenge started, I had learned of a person in our community struggling with a debilitating disease. His story touched me and I was compelled to find a way to help this family. So I decided to try to raise funds by selling each day’s painting. I didn’t have much time to try and sell each painting every day to the highest bidder. Instead, it went to the first person who donated.

I was hoping to sell a painting or two. I was so humbled when each painting sold in sometimes seconds of posting. Making a painting a day and knowing that people are waiting for it to be posted definitely adds pressure! An added benefit was that anyone could own a piece. It wasn’t based on what you could afford. Social media CAN be used for good!

day 30 painting
Day 30

In addition to helping this family, I grew my abstract landscape interest and style. Painting the same thing for 31 days changes you. You can only get better.

This project has led to many new ideas and ways my art can make a difference. Most of all, I learned that sometimes you just shouldn’t overthink it. Sometimes you just have to go for it. You might just be surprised.

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