Abstract Painting – Inspiration, Meaning and Titles

If you are an abstract painter or wonder how abstract artists find inspiration, you might also ask, does meaning and intention drive the painting and/or the title? What is the artist trying to communicate? Does the experience of making the painting create the meaning? Does a painting need meaning?

Ask any abstract painter and you will likely receive different answers. Often, there is no inherent meaning in the work. The artist is using automatism and expressive gestures to create a mood or experience for the viewer. As is often the case in non-objective abstract paintings, the painting provides an experience and a moment in time that demonstrates the painter’s process and emotions. That is often why you will find titles for these works to be vague or “untitled” or non-sensical.

Sometimes abstract painters want to express something outside themselves such as a walk in the woods or the feeling of wind. Or, the painting begins to take shape and a meaning or idea comes forth. Christopher Le Brun’s descriptions of some of his artwork are breathtaking in their depth and sincerity. I wonder if the inspirations came before the paintings or if they emerged during the process of making the painting. I think he may have a initial inspiration but then it takes shape and crystalizes during the painting.

Watch this and let me know what you think.

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