Nature and Nurture

What makes you feel most alive? What are those places, things, people and activities that make the area between your belly button and chest cavity swoon? For some artists who use art journaling as a means of exploring their creativity, it may be the sea. It could be the mountains or a sunset. Or, is it an urban landscape or a poem? It can be all of these things.

Trees looking up

The Woods

Lately, it has been walks in my woods. With the pandemic swirling and keeping us physically disconnected, the urge to be outdoors and to use all of my senses to observe has been my way of keeping grounded and is where my creativity keeps churning.

blue jay feather


I truly believe that what touches you the most in your life is the core of your creative spirit and where you will derive your most inspiration. You don’t know why and you don’t ever need to know exactly, but you have seen, touched, smelled or heard something that touches you. You carry it in your memory and the DNA of your experiences. Collect them, study them, hold them to your heart. This is the root of your style and what will make you authentically you. Not only in your art, but in your life. Let it show up in your life. Nurture it.

Frosty petals

Setting off

Every day I take walks and this summer, fall and early winter I set out in the afternoon to take photos, often close up with my macro lens. There is a fulfillment and paying attention to that which we can easily overlook. Getting up close seems to give me a different perspective, a bit of peace, and a pang of enjoyment.

May you always cultivate that which makes you feel most alive. As the philosopher Joseph Campbell is famous for saying, “follow your bliss”. Whether that is in nature, the city, the sky, books, poems, theater, dance. Go where your heart leads you.

Want to explore Art Journaling further?

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Nature Art Workshop

Is your inner world craving creative expression? You can answer the call through the beautiful practice of Art Journaling. In this online class, I will guide you in building art journal pages based on universal themes such as compassion, ancestral memory and more. There will be time for sharing our journal spreads and discussion.

Dates: February 4, 11, 18, 25
Times: 7-8:30 pm ET
Online via Zoom

Interested in my other art courses? See my current workshop offerings.

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