Asemic writing

Early on in my progress as an abstract painter and as part of my art journaling journey, I was inspired by my handwriting as a mark making tool. The personal “hand” to create lines and texture and communication feels raw and authentic.

Art Journaling as a Practice

Journal sample

The first question people ask when I tell them that I teach art journaling is, “what is art journaling”? I wish I had a simple definition but there are a myriad number of techniques, styles and approaches. Here I am giving you a bit of insight into my practice.

My under and overstory


My name is Heather Neilson and I am an artist. I live in Northwestern, Connecticut with my husband, two teens, a dog, and an infinite number of back yard friends. I feel a deep connection to the natural world, especially the trees, plants, sky and earth. I feel most alive when I am expressing this connection through my art and my soul feels most at ease here amongst all the sounds, smells and sights.