Online Art Journaling Class

Honoring and Remembering

Dates: 5 Thursdays – June 2nd 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
Times: 7-8:30 pm ET
Online via Zoom

In this online class, Heather will guide you in building four art journal pages and the journal cover based on the theme of honoring and remembering. 

Do you have pictures, documents or ephemera of your ancestors or a loved one that you would like to honor creatively? Do you want to investigate your heritage? Even if you don’t have photographs or documents (eg. birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates), you can source material from the internet or use general materials that Heather supplies to explore what is important to you.

We will use poems to inspire us and writing to delve into our unique history. We will then use paint, papers, and mixed media to begin an art journal book to remember those that came before us. Heather will guide us to explore techniques such as image transfer, paper sewing and more. But, most importantly, you will learn to create visual expressions of what is important to you. 

In the last class (June 30th), we will work on the covers of our books to give them a unique and personal touch.

There is a lot of room for modifications. For example, instead of a person(s), you could honor a pet or it could be about an important place(s) in your life. The goal is to jumpstart a creative exploration of what is meaningful to you and your life.

There will be time for sharing our journal spreads and discussion.

In addition to a mixed media journal, personal photograph and documents, other materials will include pens, markers, glue stick, acrylic or other water-based paint, collage papers, needle and thread, mark making tools and other optional items. A complete list will be provided upon registration.

No experience is necessary. Classes are recorded and available for up to six months.

Heather’s Art Journaling Class opened my eyes and heart to a new kind of creativity.  The combination of writing and art allowed me to tap into both areas of my being, and what resulted was fun and so fulfilling.  I highly recommend this class for anyone, whether you have had previous art experience or not, Heather guides you through the process seamlessly.” – Patty

Art Journaling – Honoring and Remembering – June 2022


What is art journaling?

Art Journaling can take many forms. Heather’s approach combines brief meditations, writings, personal reflection and other art tools so you can develop meaningful art pages meant for personal expression. Heather shows you how to use art making techniques using a variety of mixed media to create art journal pages in the form of a book. The result is personal and explorative rather than intended for some external, commercial endeavor.  However, if you are a professional artist, it can be an amazing way to explore ideas and to find inspiration.

Woah! Here I am in an interview for Connecticut Magazine about Art Journaling. Read the article.

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