Expressive Abstract Painting – Online

In this online Abstract Painting class, you will develop your Abstract Painting skills and knowledge while learning how to relax and have fun. We will spend some time discussing a particular technique or abstract painting idea such as value, shape, line or color. This will lead to a related hands-on exercise to strengthen the idea and your skills. You will work on quality paper, acrylic paint and other supplies. You will also have the opportunity to share anything you are working on or have finished with the group and Heather for feedback. It is extremely helpful to gain insights into your work by a)talking about your work and b)receiving various input and observations. This class will help you strengthen and stretch your abstract paintings in a warm and non-judgmental forum. You will build confidence with using your intuition coupled with your skills to build beautiful and personal paintings.

Some painting experience is recommended but not required.

The structure for each class will be:

  1. A discussion regarding a technique or approach with a possible video or presentation – 30 mins
  2. A painting exercise including a demo from Heather that is related to the theme – 1 Hour
  3. Share and discuss some of your work from the exercise. And/or you can send other work to Heather prior to class – either work in progress or finished work – 1 Hour

4 Saturdays in October, 10am-12:30pm.
October 2, 9, 23, 30

Supply list provided upon registration.

Expressive Abstract Painting – Online Fall 2021

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“I have been studying art and taking classes for 10 years.  I have to say you are one of the shining lights among the host of art instructors I have had.  Each lesson was well planned and the demonstrations were well-explained and easy to follow.  You have a wonderful, pleasant demeanor that let me explore and take chances in my art.  You were encouraging but not stifling or overpowering.  I feel my work has grown and I aim to continue along the lines you taught.  I will be planning to join one of your classes in the near future.” 

– Bill (March 2021)

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